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 E=Enterprise  A=Attendings  R=Residents
1. Introduction
A. General information
video library
amion intro video
licensing, user agreement
general information, amion mobile app video
download, update oncall
support, publish to amion
general information, enewsletter sign up
support, recorded webinars
B. General information
free trial
groups vs. enterprises
new in amion
why choose amion?
C. Demos
attendings A
enterprises E
residents R
D. Licensing
how do i pay?
E. Download
amion on a mac
download oncall
network installation
new computer
security overview
system requirements
F. Support
intranet link setup
online editing
retrieve passwords
sharing scheduling
twitter updates
webinar signup
2. Building Schedules
getting started, residency-general setup R
A. Staffing & options
contact info
footnotes, add/remove
B. Getting started
attending-advance to new year A
amion quick start!
staffing & options, meetings
C. Getting started
attending crash course A
residency-convert to new year R
attending setup guide A
new chief crash course R
residency setup guide R
staffing & options, minimum staffing requirements R
getting started, residency-block schedules R
D. Staffing & options
resident vacation requests R
blocks, set dates R
special requests setup A
block templates R
shift times, set
holidays, add/remove
staff, add/remove A
staffing links
pick up open shifts A
rules & tools, autoscheduler
staffing & options, submit hours worked A
rules & tools, breaks
staffing & options, shift times, change mid-year
rules & tools, conflict clinic grids R
rules & tools, highlighter options
rules & tools, rule writer
rules & tools, split shift
staffing & options, staff photos R
rules & tools, staff-by rule
staffing & options, swap shifts setup A
E. Rules & tools
sticky notes
alter ego
tally tweaking A
automated scheduling
tally weights A
call & shift patterns
track changes
can-cover rule
views, all staff view R
rules & tools, daily staffing level rule A
views, amion display options A
rules & tools, day-after rules
views, show staff requests at amion A
rules & tools, extra pay A
views, show unfilled days A
rules & tools, reminders
views, sort rows & staff
rules & tools, resident cross-coverage R
views, tallies, limit access A
F. Rules & tools
sequence rule
target rule
workload targets
G. Views
fonts options
page passwords
re-size schedule
separator bars
show all work requests A
3. Using Schedules
reports, amion analytics
reports, programming interface (api)
paging, paging/messaging setup
reports, who's away A
paging, preventing pager abuse
reports, who's on vacation R
paging, secure messaging faq
for staff, mobile device options
paging, tigerconnect setup
for staff, submit requests
A. Reports
export data
printing schedules
resident highlight & tally R
tally (statistic) reports
B. For staff
calendar subscriptions
end user guide
no schedule to view
swap shifts
4. Troubleshooting
file extension error
adjust shift times
login timeout
back-up files
not receiving emails
blank infobox
blue & red text in block schedule R
calendar sync off
reset all staff abbreviations
missing schedule data
time zone is off at amion
older schedule warning
oncall update failed
reset oncall
socket error message
5. Administrator Info
local hosting option E
active directory E
show active shifts E
amion concierge
enterprise admin guide E
printable guides
search for staff E
switchboard instructions E
6. For Your Staff
retrieve personal password


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